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Atelier Terdusud Corinne Sejourne

I was born in Paris in 1964 and have been working with ceramics since 1996. It was in Switzerland, where I lived for five years, that I first discovered clay, in the Milton Gruber studio.

Previously, I had worked in stoneware, using hand-working techniques, and also porcelain, making jewellery, until one fine day I decided to try my hand at the potter's wheel - a real revelation! I haven't stopped since.

1997 saw the creation of my first studio, my experiments could begin!

Self-taught in terms of throwing, engobe making, glazing and firing, I currently use white and red faience.
My first attempts were often disappointing, not to say occasionally disastrous!
However, I didn't let myself get discouraged and in time, pottery-making became second nature to me, I had found my vocation.

Following two years of intensive, daily work, I decided to start giving classes, with the encouragement of the person who helped me take my first steps in the art of ceramics.

A trip to Morocco uncovered a passion for the crafts of this country, so it was only natural that I should begin to decorate my own pieces with motifs from North Africa. Later, of course, I would develop my own style!

May 2000. Back in Paris after two years of research, at last I find the studio of my dreams, in Montrouge.
With the passing of time, ceramics markets and exhibitions, I realize that I prefer staying in my studio, helping my students (without whom I couldn't survive!)

And then a gorgeous little dog came into my life. Ever since, I've been smitten by these faithful companions? so why not bring pottery and pets together?

Sooner or later, our four legged friends leave us, a parting that we can find very difficult to take.
It was thinking of those people living in towns, who couldn't therefore bury their pets in their garden, that the idea of making pet funerary urns first came to me.

I wanted to create something personal, colourful, that could adapt to any interior - above all, nothing sad or morbid.

All my funerary urns are thrown and decorated by hand.

I also make jewelry souvenirs with the hairs of your animals that I transform into felted wool and also inclusions with resin.

You can see the models on the "Urns" page
where to go on my Etsy shop by looking for Atelier Terdusud.

I also create designs on Limoges porcelain crockery, bowls, plates, vases, teapots, small dishes etc.
Please don't hesitate to contact me for any order you wish to place, or any information you need, it's my pleasure to help you. - 3, rue de la solidarité 92120 MONTROUGE France - (+33) 01 47 46 06 97 -

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